LAWISE values are founded on the of the following elements. They make us stand out and differentiate us from the other law firms.

At LAWISE Solicitors, we recognise the complexity of legal matters that a client has to go through, thus we take the responsibility to make the process smooth and hassle-free for our clients.

We are determined to offer 24 hours complete assistance to you - from cost-free consultation to taking your cases to courts.Our expert teams of Solicitors are here to help you in broader aspects of legal issues with affordable fee because we understand how stressful and expensive they can be if time and money are not well managed. We keenly focus on the time-frame as well as the emotional health of our clients to assure the whole process is dealt with thorough understanding and mutual trust where our clients' legal needs and our expertise go handy.We believe in working in complete coordination with our clients to make the best outcome possible. As per individual's circumstances, we are flexible in our legal costs and services. To us, success for our clients is more important than the number of clients we have.

Our Values:

LAWISE values are founded on the earth of the following elements. They make us stand out and differentiate us from other law firms.

Open and Honest communication

We advocate and act fairly within the firm and with our clients - in all our dealings. We adhere to our policies and procedures on equality and diversity and treat everyone with respect.

Innovative Strategies

We are most adaptable to fast pacing and ever transforming environments, thus we don't mind taking measurable risks. We develop ideas with open mindedness and tackle cases with extensive knowledge about the subject.


Time is a crucial factor in successful cases and thus we are time focused. We have cultivated such environment within the firm where everyone observes the firm's practices, procedures in allocated time-frame. We make sure to meet the deadlines.

Human Rights

Our firm is dedicated to support human rights and we take responsibility to act in our capacity against injustice and wrongdoing.
Our objective is to become the top most responsible law firm in England backed by our Expert Exposure, Vast Experience, Affordable Fee and Corporate Social Responsibility. We have quite number of national and international clients on our clientele panel and we are committed to grow.


Please note we have now moved and relocated at a more convenient and approachable place. The address is as follows:

Lawise Solicitors
5 Bell Parade
Bell Road